The situation worsens in the DRC

Converted from the French:

Dear Friends,

I try to get pictures through from the Kibati Camps in kanyaruchina ( Goma); there are already more than 20,000 Families and more arriving all the time.

We had a busy week with the new displaced families; times are very hard and all we could give the children was biscuits and water only. Since Sunday 5 children have died due to famine; some of the malnourished children may pass away today for lack of medecine and food.

The IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) have many broblems: Lack of food, lack of medecins, and lack of basic essentials for childrens and women. In the region they are more than 600,000 refugees and they have no assistance.

I have not been able to send the pictures due to the situation here in the camp.

Bon courage,


Michael Burt CEO; We are a small organisation without vast financial reserves to call on; it has always been our protocol that all the money we raise goes directly to our projects.  We need your support now.