Desperate News From the Congo

Translated from the French.
My friends,
Sorry we cannot respond and give you our news most of the time because everything just shuts down; I cannot receive calls and cannot access the internet.

We are trying to find a  network where we can get pictures through to you because the situation here  is now critical and it needs an urgent action. Families, young children, orphans have run away from their homes out of fear and are sleeping outside, they do not have food,  water and  it is rainy season and they do not have a roof over their heads.

The number of families coming to us asking for help here in Goma is increasing daily, already 100 families came today and still more are coming.
Our 57 volunteers are finding this situation difficult. Who do we help? Can we help more? 

 We desperately need help! The money we receive from WMF is making the difference between life and death as we are able to feed the most vulnerable children but soon we will run out of food and medicine. 
We sleep with a gun at our side; for the first time, I am afraid.
Hope to hear from you
From Michael Burt CEO
Can you help the innocent children caught up in this violence?
We will ensure that all donations get through to our team at Goma and truly make a difference - this picture (taken Sunday 2nd November) is one of the children who will benefit.